Friday, January 18, 2008

Snow Day!

We went to the snow this past weekend and I've been meaning to put some pictures up on here to show how much fun we had!!

Last year when we went to the snow, Jenna liked it...but wasn't really old enough to enjoy it too much. I think it was more confusing than anything at the ripe old age of 18 months.

This year was a whole different story!

Here she is in the car on the way. The anticipation was building. At this point I don't think she really had a clue where we were going but she was sure feeding off of Mommy and Daddy's excitement.

And here's Mommy and Jenna (Daddy got cut out because Mommy's not all that good at taking self portraits....oh...yeah...and he was driving and that was probably more important that taking goofy pictures)When we first suited her up she just kinda sat there and wasn't exactly sure how to approach the whole snow situation.

She did a lot of this (eating snow)

She went down a few little hills with Daddy and then with Mommy. But she didn't seem all that thrilled. Daddy and I were starting to worry that our big Snow Day was gonna be a big BUST.

Every time we asked her if she wanted to go again she said "No." Then she started saying that she wanted to go by herself. Yeah right I thought! Like I'm gonna put my two year old on a sled and send her down the mountain BY HERSELF!!?? I don't think so!

But...after her repeated pleas...we finally relented. I put her on the sled, at the top of the tiniest little hill we could find. Daddy went to the catch her and ultimately kiss away her tears (because of course it would be terrifying and she'd never want to do it again...right?)

I showed her how to hang on tight...slowly counted to three (to give her time to rethink the situation and back out) and then reluctantly gave her a little push. All the while thinking that this was gonna be a disaster. Boy was I ever wrong!!



After about 20 more times down the mountain (and poor Daddy practically breaking his back carrying her back up every time) we finally tore her away from the snow and back to the car. We stopped at the Hungry Hut (a Shaver Lake tradition) on the way home to have lunch and of course HOT CHOCOLATE

and then she sacked out in the car on the way home.

It was a memorable day and we can't wait to go back soon!!

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