Saturday, January 12, 2008

Picture Perfect!

I love photography. Someday I'd love to invest in a really nice camera and lenses etc.... especially now that I have such a fun (and adorable) little model. She's FINALLY getting into taking pictures after over a year of not wanting to sit still long enough to smile.

I love taking pictures of this kid...and the camera seems to love her lately. If I was one of those crazy stage mom types she might be able to make some money doing this. But I don't think Jim would ever go along with it. I'm sure all moms think their kid is adorable though.

Today I got her dressed in a cute little outfit and we went downtown for a fun little photo shoot. Here are a few of my favorites. She picked out the boots.

We had a BLAST! It was a beautiful day and I'm glad I got some great photos to remember it by. I love this little girl!!

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laffdaddy said...

I love those pictures!!!