Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I had a great Mother's Day this year...spent with both Jim's extended family and mine.

We started the day at Aunt Jane and Uncle Art's house. They are always so nice to open up their home for any and every special occasion. And they have a beautiful home and yard so it's so nice to spend time there!

I was so excited to get a picture (that I like) of the four of us on Mother's Day. We are even all smiling and facing the camera. Can't beat that!!

We got in the groove and started taking lots of family group photos. These are so special and will be even more special years from now!

Ryan, Jim, Grandma Elena and David

Four Generations of ladies in the family.....

L - R: Jenna, Elizabeth, Mary, Elaine, Grandma Elena, Jane and Marisa

Jenna, Elaine, Mary and Elena

Art, Jane, David and Marisa

Elizabeth and Blanca

Trying to get a good shot of the young ones.....Ryan wasn't all that interested...

....he's just not one to sit stilll very well at this age....

So I got the girls to pose for me! They are always willing!! ;)

Then....someone suggested they try some "poses"....Elizabeth and Marisa were naturals.....

.....looks like Jenna might need a little more work. ;)

Ryan was more interested in doing some exploring....

Jenna and Auntie Elaine

Ryan tickling the ivorys

All the kids trying out their piano skills.

Cousin Elizabeth, Ryan and me...

Pretty ladies....Marisa and Elizabeth....

Elizabeth's turn to play...

Blurry pic of my little stud muffin...

Later that day, we headed over to my parents house. Didn't get a chance to take as many pictures there....(we were all a little worn out) but I did manage to get a few cute ones!

Jenna and Mimi playing some sort of card game....


Ryan with sweet.

Ryan posing in my parents backyard. He just plopped himself down in front of me and said "CHEESE!!" What a HAM!

Ryan and Kye can tell he was getting tired with that thumb in his mouth. Long day!

But...not too tired for some smiles when Mommy brought out the chick cake pops!

It was my first time making anything like this....they didn't turn out too bad although I don't know if I'll ever make them again....

Jenna and Ryan thought they were adorable though.....

.....and yummy too

so that made all the hard work worth it....

Just a cute picture of my grandparents. They are very special people.

Happy Mother's Day!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Muffins with Mom!

For Mother's Day Jenna's preschool had a "Muffins with Mom" event! All the moms (and a couple of grandmas) were there to have coffee and muffins with our kiddos! It was really cute and Jenna and I had a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a lot of pictures...but here are a few...

Jenna eating her muffin (chocolate-chocolate chip....Mommy's favorite too!!) YUMMY!!

Jenna and her friend Zachary. They are in the Trusting Turtles class together.

Jenna and Mommy

Zachary and his Mommy Kacey (Kacey and I used to work in the church nursery together and were reunited after many years when our kids ended up being in the same class this year!).

Jenna showing me the flower she made for me for Mothers Day (she wouldn't stand still for this one).
It's now sitting on my desk at work. It says.... I Love my Mommy Because...."She gives me kisses before night-night." - Jenna
I must say I was extra proud at how sentimental and sweet Jenna was. Especially after I saw the messages written by some of her classmates which included....
I Love my Mommy Because....

"She is my Mommy."
"I Like Her."
"She has brown hair."
"She is taller than me." get the picture....

Jenna's friend Zachary was willing to take a picture with his flower for his mommy.

it says..... I Love my Mommy Because..."She gives me breakfast." - Zachary :)


It was a fun day!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Matt Got Married!

My cousin Matt got married a few months ago. Much to the surprise of the whole family they eloped ( I guess that's what eloping is all about right?) so this weekend they had a reception on her families ranch near Paso Robles.

It was very nice. Very casual and family friendly (our kind of party!) and the kids had a great time running around with their cousins and having fun.

We are very happy for Matt and Kristen and hope that they have many many years of happiness ahead of them!

Me and cute!

Ryan with Uncle Scott

Jenna and Madison

We couldn't tear Ryan away from the beer. At first...I just thought he liked playing with the ice....

But then.....I started to get worried...

Ryan and his new drinking buddy Elliott

Then, we had something else to worry about....these two DRIVING (well...not really ...but they thought they were pretty cool sitting in the driver's seat!)

Jim, Jenna and Ryan riding the cart....

The two Kathy's (my mom and Aunt Kathy)

My grandparents Mimi and Boppa. They are so cute together after nearly 70 years of marriage!

Boppa chatting with an old friend

Love this pictures! 3 generations of men in my family l-r: my cousin Matt (the newlywed), my Uncle Jim, my Cousin Ted and my Grandpa Len (aka Boppa)

The newlyweds with my grandparents

The cake (picture of the newlyweds hanging on the wall)

The Candy Bar...


Loved this sign...I need one of these!

Mommy and her little man

The men was so good! My cousin Matt is on the far left.

It was a great party!! Can't wait to see everyone again!