Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jenna's Preschool Thanksgiving Feast

For Thanksgiving, Jenna's class had a school feast. Mommy and Daddy couldn't be there, so Kye Kye was there!

With her friend Hailey

This is the turkey the class made. Each feather represents what that child is thankful for. Jenna's feather (yellow one to the left of the turkey's head) says she is thankful for her brother. Let's hope that lasts many years!!

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!


Backtrack to are some pictures from the Harvest Celebration at Jenna's preschool.

Our beautiful butterfly....

with her lead teacher, Miss Tiffany

with her class (the "Trusting Turtles")

with her friend Kalia

and here are some that were taken on Halloween as the kids went to trick or treat and also visit the grandparents...

Catching up....

haven't done this for this is my attempt to start playing a little catch up. I'm gonna start with this post for Ryan's 10 month and 11 month milestone pictures....

Ryan turned 10 months old on October 23rd. Yeah....that's right....OCTOBER. I know....I'm lazy.

Here are a few pictures from THAT big day....

and then, naturally....Ryan turned 11 months old on November 23rd. Here are a few pics I took on THAT big day.

Had to throw those last two in to show Ryan's current (for the last 6 months or so) obsession. The remote control!! This boy goes GAGA over the remote. We have to hide it under pillows or put it up high (which means we usually can't find it either). We've tried giving him a spare remote (for our old DVD player) but he's not interested. We've tried giving him toys that look like remotes.....but he's too smart for that.

Between his 10 and 11 month birthdays, his hair started getting rather long.

First Jim wanted to cut it (read BUZZ it) and I was against it.....then I decided to cut it...and Jim was against we ended up deciding to wait a little longer. More on that in another post.

Also between months 10 and 11 Ryan started standing up on his own and letting go. He even took a tiny step once or twice...but not much else at that point. a moment.