Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jenna's First Day of First Grade!

Jenna had a GREAT first day of school! Can't believe she's already in First Grade! Time flies!!

We all took her on her first day...

With her friend (since preschool) Ashley...

With her friends Dominic (middle) and Ethan waiting to go to class...

Meeting Mrs. D.

Aww...she loves her First Grade teacher! (so do we!)

...and they are off!!

It's gonna be a great year!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Big Boy Bed for Ryan!!

We decided that Ryan was old enough to graduated to a big boy bed after we got back from Disneyland. We decided on a full size bed for him since he's so tall and we figured he'd grow into it in no time.

Before dismantling his old room I decided to take a quick picture of the way it looked. Notice the crib tent on his bed. He's been climbing out of the crib ever since he learned to walk so we got a crib tent to keep him safe (and to protect our sanity!!)....

Got a quick pic of Jenna in the crib...which was hers when she was a baby!

Getting ready to tear it down (the new bed is already set up at this point!)

Ryan sleeping in his new BIG BOY BED!!

Let the sleepovers begin!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pismo with the Hopkins Family!

The wonderful Hopkins Family invited us to spend the weekend with them at their house at Pismo. We had a FABULOUS time playing on the beach, making smores, watching movies, going out to eat, and just having fun with good friends. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Ryan and Madelynn


Addie and Jim playing frisbee

Eating leftover pancakes from breakfast! ;)

Our family with Morro Rock behind us!

The Hopkins Crew!

Jenna, Addie and Ryan

Going on a hunt for sea creatures with the dads...


Sea Creatures!!


Brayden found a good stick!

Hello there Mr. Crab!!

Addie and her Daddy!

Saw some horses on the beach!

Waiting to get their feet cleaned off!

Learned something powder works WONDERS!!

What a cute crew we have!!

Thanks Hopkins Family! Can't wait to vacation with you again!