Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Playstructure

We decided it was time for a new play structure for the backyard.

We had inherited our old one from Jim's uncle Al when Elizabeth grew out of it and, while it was a great playset, it was getting pretty rickety and we were growing worried of its safety.

We purchased a new set from Costco and Jim and his dad, Grandpa Jim, got started on putting it together right away!!

Here's the old set...

Here is Jim and Grandpa Jim putting the new structure together. It was H-O-T!!

Ryan helped too...

and Oscar supervised...

Quite a bit of ice cream was consumed...

and finally the new play structure was complete!

The kids LOVE it!

Thanks so much to Poppy and Kye Kye for contributing to the play structure fund, and Grandpa Jim for helping to build it! I just know that it will provide many years of memories for two very lucky grandchildren.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oakhurst Childrens Museum

We took a trip up to the Children's Museum of the Sierra in Oakhurst with Melissa, Macie and Delaney and had an amazing time!! We will definitely be back again soon!!

Photos are in random order and there are a LOT!!