Monday, March 31, 2008

Bike Ride!

We ordered a new bike seat for Jenna and it arrived a few days ago. Jim installed it on Sunday and we went for our first family bike ride. Jenna loved it!! We can't wait to go on more bike rides now that the weather is getting so nice.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday...

Getting strapped in

Giving a little thumbs up before the maiden voyage

Loving her first ride with Daddy!!!

And, of course, a little "snippet" (not the best...but you get the idea)

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Tank of gas........................................................ $50
Speeding ticket ..................................................$200
Fifth row tickets for 4 in the Arco Arena......................$160

The look of sheer joy on your daughters face when she sees
THE Wiggles....LIVE....up close and personal...........................


Jenna and her cousin Madison had the time of their short little 2 year old lives at The Wiggles concert on Thursday night. Jenna and I drove up to Sacramento to go to the concert with my sister-in-law Kim and niece Madison and we had a blast!! Our seats were front and center and the girls were even able to go up front...right by the stage...for half of the show to dance and sing right along with their favorite characters ....Captain Feathersword, Wags the dog, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Henry the Octopus, and, of course, Sam (Yellow), Anthony (Blue), Murray (Red) and Jeff (Purple) Wiggle! Here are a few pictures. Kim has a few on her blog as can see them here.

Jenna on her way into the concert...can't you just FEEL the excitement!!

Jenna and Madison singing "Rock-A-Bye Your Bear" ...they are doing the "shh shh shh" part

The girls and me

A "snippet" from the concert....

The four of us after the concert, with the set behind us. Judging by the looks on the girls faces....I think they were still in a bit of shock

Yep...they were a bit starstruck. So were Kim and I....because we got to see Anthony "The Blue Wiggle" live and in person. He's extremely cute and we were so close he was practically breathing on us.

If loving a Wiggle is wrong.....I don't wanna be right. ;)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A "Hair-Raising" Dilemma....

I dyed my hair a few weeks ago...back to my natural color (more or less). It's been blonde since high school!!

Here's a picture of my hair last summer....when it was shorter and blonde.....

and here's a couple of recent pictures of me with my new darker color.

I haven't completely decided which way I like it best....but I do think I now look like I'm related to my daughter!!

**Side note....we're just 2 days away from the WIGGLES CONCERT!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Party Continued....

More pictures from Easter Weekend.... (in case there weren't enough in the first post below). :)

Jenna and Leila on the slide together

Elizabeth and Marisa with their eggs

Jenna, Sierra and Leila in the sandbox

Amani just hanging around...

Some of the party girls....with Bradley. Such a little ladies man!

Amani's favorite egg

Jim and Richard....drinking Lemonade??

Some of the finished product...

Adorable Emma enjoying some treats!

Jenna pushing Leila on the swing

Cutie pies Sophia and Jake painting some eggs...

Another shot of handsome Bradley

....I don't even know what to say about this.....

Silly kid...

Emily and her mom Kristy enjoying some refreshments. Lemonade always tastes better with a silly straw!!

I love a cheesy smile!!

It was a great party!!

A Wonderful Easter Weekend

Aside from the pain I've been in over the past couple of days, our Easter weekend was blissful. We had a fun little party at our house on Saturday and invited family and friends over to dye eggs and have a little Easter Egg Hunt too! Jenna had a fabulous time sharing her swing set, sandbox, playhouse and other toys with her friends and Mommy and Daddy had a great time visiting with friends we haven't seen in too long!!

Here are a few pictures from the party...

My mom and best friend (since 5th grade) Sara! That's her son Bradley in the background.

Jenna and her bunny cake!

Adorable Bradley is walking now!!

Enjoying some sweets!

Time for the egg hunt!!

Bradley would rather chew on the eggs.

Jenna and her friend (and neighbor) Avery.

I have more that I will post later (my camera battery just went dead). Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!!

Emergency Room Easter!

So I spent the last 6 hours in the emergency room having x-rays and blood tests. They still don't know quite what's wrong with me and I'm still in a significant amount of pain (even after a MONDO shot of morphine in my rear end). My hip is killing me and I still don't quite know why. I think I may have overdone it this weekend. Too much heavy lifting and pushing and pulling and I have a feeling that it was an accumulation of all of that that just did me in. All I know is I've NEVER had pain like this before. I can't even get in and out of a chair without crying. It's no fun.

I'll post happy pictures from our Easter celebrations tomorrow. Until then...I'm just going to continue having my own little pity party tonight. :(

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Husband!

Today (or rather yesterday) is my husbands birthday. We went to dinner with his family at Red Robin (our favorite local hangout) and had a great time. We even enjoyed a homemade cake (Jim's favorite - yellow cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles) made by my coworkers daughter (Jenna added the sprinkles). It was Y-U-M-M-Y!!

Here are a few pictures from our fun evening. I'm a lucky woman to have this guy as my husband. He's a great dad, a terrific husband, and a good friend to everyone. Plus he's pretty handsome too. ;)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I Think Maybe.....

This is one of Jenna's newest phrases. "I think maybe I want to go there" (the park). "I think maybe I want to watch The Wiggles." "I think maybe I don't want to try this" (at dinnertime). "I think maybe I want to play outside."

......"I think maybe I don't want to go to bed tonight."

Yep...she was up tonight until almost 11. Sunday nights are always bad around here. But Monday mornings are even worse. She's gonna be a zombie tomorrow and I probably will be too.


I think maybe I don't want to go to work tomorrow.

Actually I KNOW I don't.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Hippity Hoppity ....

....Easter's on it's way! That's one of Jenna's favorite songs lately and she sounds so cute when she sings it.

Last weekend, when Scott, Kim and Maddie were visiting, we took the girls for some Easter/Spring pictures...complete with live BUNNIES!

The girls had fun with the bunnies however once bunny #2 (who liked to grunt a lot) bit was game over. The rest of the pictures were "bunny-less" so to speak.

Here are some of the best shots. They really turned out cute. It's not easy taking cute pictures of 2 moody toddlers...but when you throw in a grouchy bunny or two....well....lets just say the adorable final outcome was a pleasant surprise for us parents!!

Maddie was obsessed with not letting her feet near the bunny. It was hilarious!

"Keep that bunny away from my toes!"

Have a happy weekend!