Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A SUPER Fun Weekend!

I've been kind of lagging in the blogging dept lately and I have no good excuse. Life has just been getting in the way and it's not like that's a bad thing I guess. We've just been busy having fun!!

This weekend my brother Scott, sister-in-law Kim and niece Madison came for a visit.

We started their visit off with a bang at a "Greg and Steve" concert that the girls absolutely L-O-V-E-D! To be honest with you, I didn't really have a clue who "Greg and Steve" were until this concert but apparently they are "BIG" in the pre-school world. Not to mention the Kindergarten world as I think my mom and Kim (both kindergarden teachers) were just about as star-struck as the little girls!! :)

Here's a picture of Maddie, Jenna and Jenna's current little love interest "Louis" from daycare.

Louis is Evie (the daycare lady's) grandson. He is absolutely adorable but has a bit of a mean streak. A few months ago he bit Jenna on the back. Didn't break the skin or anything but I definitely wasn't a happy mommy. Since then I've been trying to convince Jenna to move on but she still has a thing for Louis. This kid's gonna have to try a little harder if he wants to win his future mother-in-law's approval. :)

The rest of the weekend was fun too. We went out to eat (a few times), did some shopping, got Easter pictures taken with REAL BUNNIES...and even had an early Easter Egg Hunt!!

Here are some random photos taken over the weekend. We can't wait to see them again in a few weeks when we go to visit for the WIGGLES CONCERT!!

The girls with Poppy....

An early Easter Breakfast....

Riding in Jenna's Jeep....

Running around the fountain at Red Robin....

These girls adore each other and I really love how close they are in age. I'm so glad we are able to get together as often as we do so that the girls can spend lots of time with each other and grow up together! I hope they stay close for the rest of their lives!!


melanie said...

Hey, Kelly,
Just wanting to comment on the "Peace OUt". In my crew, we don't even say,"bye", it is always, "peace out!" I think you came to my blog from Jake's so you will understand when I say it was a "jakeism". My husband, Todd, had him saying,"Peace out", "peace, bro", "loser", "later bro" and all the other slang not only to us but also the St. Jude staff! He was such a hoot.

By the way, can't wait to have my own "early" Easter egg hunt with my young un. I wanted to tell you about our tradition at Easter. I think Jenna would love it. My mom, for as long as I can rememeber, would put a clue in our Easter basket on Easter morning. As we got older, teh clues became riddles. (and at my clinic this year, since most can't read, I am using snapshots as clues)Anyway, that would take us to our first "prize" and another clue. and so on... it made our Easter egg hunt so much fun. And for the record, when I went to live in a dorm in college, she did the same thing at Easter for my towels, bulletin board, new bedding, etc so I guess you just don't outgrow that! I still love it! Thought you may want to play. Melanie

Kim said...

Cute photos...I stole some for Madison's Babababies page! :o) I know you are not ashamed.
I was j/k!! :o)

melanie said...

Oh, hello again.
THe outfit was actually a hand me down... a last year's Kelly's Kids. We DO have Icky Baby though! LOVE it. Melanie