Thursday, August 18, 2011

Big Boy Bed for Ryan!!

We decided that Ryan was old enough to graduated to a big boy bed after we got back from Disneyland. We decided on a full size bed for him since he's so tall and we figured he'd grow into it in no time.

Before dismantling his old room I decided to take a quick picture of the way it looked. Notice the crib tent on his bed. He's been climbing out of the crib ever since he learned to walk so we got a crib tent to keep him safe (and to protect our sanity!!)....

Got a quick pic of Jenna in the crib...which was hers when she was a baby!

Getting ready to tear it down (the new bed is already set up at this point!)

Ryan sleeping in his new BIG BOY BED!!

Let the sleepovers begin!!

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