Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Big Girl Weekend!

I am happy to report that Jenna kicked booty this weeked on so many levels.

She has now officially graduated to her big girl bed. She slept there all night and for every nap for the entire 3 day weekend. We are on night # 4 tonight and I'm happy to report that she's already in bed and on her way to dreamland.

She is also doing great wearing her big girl panties! She wore them all day Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Today and has had only 2 small accidents. Not bad I'd say! Even her babysitter, Evie, is shocked at how quickly she caught on to the whole potty training thing. She said that if we could market this quick transition process, Jim and I could both quit our day jobs and be independently wealthy. It's just amazing how quickly she ditched the diapers! I'm so proud of her but I must admit that there's a little part of me is also sad to see the baby days behind us.

We'll be moving the crib out of her room this weekend to make more room for her toys. Yay!! Maybe I'll get my living room back soon!!

On a funny note, her newest phrase that just melts our hearts is to look at us and say "I've got my mommy and my daddy. I'm happy." Couldn't you just die?? This kid definitely knows how to keep us wrapped around her little finger!!

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