Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Big Girl Bed!!

So this past weekend we bit the bullet and took her glider (rocker) and ottoman and two dressers out of her room to make room for her new dresser, nightstand, and........(drumroll please...) BIG GIRL BED!!!

I can't believe SHE is ready for this!

I KNOW that WE aren't ready for this!!

It's such a pretty bed and of course I had to get it all decked out with a Pottery Barn Kids duvet, a down comforter, and two sets of matching sheets...etc. It's absolutely adorable and she looks and feels like a little princess laying on it.

Of course I'd be lying if I said she's sleeping in it. She's not. We aren't crazy! We need to take things SLOOOOOW around here. We kept her crib in her room for now and she's still sleeping there. Eventually we'll transition to the bed for naps...etc and then work our way up to all-nighters. I see us moving the crib out of her room completely by the time she's 18. Or maybe when (or if!) baby #2 comes along.

Did I even mention how high this bed is?? Seriously....higher than any bed I've ever had!!! She needs a stool to get up on it. We'll be putting a railing on one side and the other side is against the wall. Still scares the crap outta me though.

Is my baby really old enough for this??? Seriously??

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laffdaddy said...

She is ready for the bed. You are not.