Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Adventures in Potty Training.....

Adventure is the best word I could come up with for this potty training saga. I'd say Jenna has been 1/2 way potty trained for a few months now. She took to it in the beginning like a fish takes to water but we didn't want to push it so we stuck with a pull up and decided to just reward her with positive reinforcement without being too forceful.

The result has been that she does GREAT when she's at daycare. All day long she goes in the potty without any problem. However, at home and at Kye Kye's it's an entirely different story. She doesn't do so well. I don't know why. I've tried rationalizing it but it doesn't really make sense. I know I should just ditch the pull ups and go for panties during the day but I just don't want to get all stressed about it.

We'll probably bite the bullet soon and go for it but I need a few days home with no interruptions for that. I'll be afraid to even go to Target for fear that THAT would be where she'd have an accident. Lord knows I wouldn't want to do anything that would jeopardize our good standing at my favorite store!! ;)


Anonymous said...

I thought you said you would NEVER post pictures like this.....KELLY!!! :o)

Kimberlie said...

She'll forgive you ONE day! :o)