Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Clipper Cut!

Ryan got his first "clipper" cut haircut the day before Easter. Before I was a mom of a boy, I had never paid so much attention to boy haircuts in my life. I had no idea the difference between a "scissor cut" and a "clipper cut". Didn't understand the importance of clipper #'s...etc.

There's definitely a science to it.

Jim has been wanting to buzz the little guys hair for a few months now. I explained that that was simply NOT going to happen anytime soon. So, we compromised.

The "before" picture...

...and it begins....

it tickles!

....let me do it myself.... (don't worry it was unplugged and they took the razor thing out)...

almost done.....he did so well!!

I'd say the final result is pretty damn handsome!

Here's his "ninja pose"....;)

Not being one to be left out.....Jenna got a trim too. Thankfully...she opted out of the "clipper cut". :)

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