Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Working Girl

So we thought spring break was just 1 week. So, yesterday we got Jenna up, dressed and to school bright and early....only to discover....it was closed!

So what does a 4 year old do when there's no school and mom and dad didn't plan for a babysitter? She goes to work with mom!
Playing office (my stapler was lucky to make it through the day)

Wreaking havoc in my "Zen Garden"....

Followed by a trip to Target and then lunch at Red Robin with mom and dad....
Waiting for daddy to arrive...

and then she got an extra treat in the afternoon. Her cousin Marisa and Aunt Jane were home and they invited her over to spend a few hours...giving daddy some time to get some work done at home.

According to Jenna...they celebrated her birthday with cupcakes and party hats at Aunt Jane's house (2 1/2 months early). Wish I had pictures of that! Sounds like it was a blast! Thanks Aunt Jane and Marisa!!!

Turned out to be a great day for everyone actually....but Mommy was glad to be back at work (alone) today....with her cup of coffee and stacks of stuff to do!!

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