Sunday, April 18, 2010


So we are leaving our favorite store the other day.....

We get a few blocks away and Ryan is already passed out in the backseat and Jenna is tuned out (or so we thought) and tuned in to The Little Mermaid on the DVD player (a special treat since we hardly ever turn on the TV for short in town trips).

So Jim and I are having our own quiet conversation in the front seat. Speaking in loud whispers so as not to disturb the two little ones in the back.

our conversation goes something like this....

Me: "Hey, Jenna's parents live right over here somewhere." (Jenna is also the name of the receptionist in our office)

Jim: "Oh really? This is a really nice area."

...end of conversation....or so we thought...until a soft little voice pipes in from the backseat...

"So, you guys aren't my real parents??"

We almost had to pull over we were laughing so hard. Of course, we immediately explained to her that we were talking about another Jenna (who she's met).

I think the funniest part was the fact that she didn't seem all that upset about the idea of us not being her real parents.

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