Friday, June 5, 2009

Nasty Baby

So the infamous "Silly Baby" has been dubbed "Nasty Baby" by both Jim and I. Jenna insists on taking this doll everywhere and ends up dropping her on the ground, dragging her through the dirt, leaving her on the lawn overnight in the rain and the sprinklers....etc. This morning I found "Nasty Baby" in the backyard absolutely drenched from the thunderstorm we had last night. I immediately took off her clothes and threw them in the was and then made the decision to go ahead and wash this poor doll. Her body is cloth and I knew just throwing her in the wash wasn't the best idea (even if she WAS already sopping wet from the rain) so I set up a little "bath center" for her in the kitchen and got to work.

Using woolite I scrubbed and scrubbed and S-C-R-U-B-B-E-D her arms, legs, hands, feet and face. I also went ahead and wiped down her cloth body a little. After that....I washed her hair with baby shampoo and rinsed her all off.

After a good towel dry, I put her on the rack in the dryer and let her air dry a bit.

I then put a little anti-tangle spray in her "hair" and managed to get it into two semi-neat looking ponytails.

Once her clothes were dry I redressed her and I must say...she's looking pretty good! Jenna will be so impressed when she gets up from her nap. And I can just tell that "Silly/Nasty Baby" really appreciated the attention. ;)

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Kim said...

wow...way too much work, i think, i would have given in the towel on that one! :)