Friday, June 26, 2009


Jenna's Birthday was yesterday. She is FOUR now. I can NOT believe how fast time is flying.

Recent facts about Jenna:

Her favorite color is currently blue.

Her favorite foods (and basically the only things she'll currently eat) are Macaroni and Cheese, waffles, yogurt, applesauce, peas, pizza and Red Robin turkey. She rarely deviates from this list.

She loves to play outside in the backyard, either in her pool, in the sandbox, or on her swingset.

She also loves to ride bikes and drive her jeep in the front yard with Daddy.

She loves the beach. Loves to collect rocks and shells on the shore.

She A-D-O-R-E-S her little brother Ryan. She loves to hold him, feed him, and is the best at making him laugh.

Her brother Ryan A-D-O-R-E-S her just as much...if not more.

Her favorite restaurant is Red Robin because she loves the bird and loves the free balloons. She and her daddy also love to play the "crane game". Mommy hates the "crane game".

She likes the use the word "actually" in sentences...this cracks people up.

She likes to have Mommy or Daddy lay in bed with her every night and read stories. She likes to say her prayers where she asks God to bless "everybody"....although sometimes she decides to go through the names of all the people she wants to bless (basically everyone she is related to or is friends with)....this can make for a VERY long bedtime routine.

She likes to say grace before dinner at night. "Tick tock hear the clock, now it's time to pray. We fold our hands and bow our heads, thank the Lord for daily bread....amen." although her actual version goes something like this "Tick tock hear the clock, now it's time to pray. We fold our heads and bow our bread pray the bored for baby bed...amen."

She is very caring....she likes to hug her friends every time they part ways. If she doesn't get to hug them, she gets very upset.

She likes to say hello to any child she sees (in the store, at the park, etc.) She will introduce herself and then ask their name and consider them her new friend instantly. She is not shy. I am envious of this trait although it makes me slightly nervous.

She loves to color and cut with her scissors. She's been very good with scissors since she was 2 years old.

She likes to do her "homework".

She is excited to start her new preschool in August....although I know she will miss her current daycare friends and teacher, Ms. Evie.

Most of all, Jenna is a fun-loving, spirited, outgoing and loving little FOUR year old. She is stunningly beautiful (yeah...I may be a little biased) on the inside AND out.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNA KATE! Mommy, Daddy and Ryan love you more than words could express!!

BIG party planned for Sunday! Will post pictures afterwards!

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Rebekah - A Wife and Mom said...

Happy (belated) 4th Birthday Jenna! I take it you are feeling SO much better these days ... I hope your day was as wonderful as can be ... can't wait to see LOTS of pictures ...

Hugs from MN!