Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Mimi!

Yesterday was Mimi's birthday and we had a little get-together at Poppy and Kye Kye's house to celebrate! I say turning 88 DEFINITELY means it's time to celebrate!!

Jenna had lots of fun visiting with everyone and playing with Alivia (who is truly a little kid at heart) in the fort and Ryan enjoyed getting lots of kisses and hugs from family.

Enjoy the pictures!

Mimi and cute together....they are inseparable!

Jenna and Poppy...she's showing off again!

Poppy and Kye Kye's Fort....No Bedtime....No Parents....No Rules (can I live here??)

A view of the fort from a little farther back

Jenna and cousin Alivia playing on the fort landing...

Silly girl playing on the suspension bridge


Jenna didn't want to eat alone on the picnic mat. Kye Kye's such a sucker! ;)

Poppy explaining the "meaning of life" to Ryan....

Apparently THIS is the meaning of life. I AGREE!!

I made some ice cream pies for the occasion. Strawberry for Mimi and chocolate for the rest of us. :)

Mom and Aunt Kathy laughing at....who knows what...

Jenna and her pal Alivia

Cuddle bugs!!!

Who? US??

Hanging with Poppy...

....and Kye Kye too of course!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIMI! We love you sooooo much!

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Rebekah - A Wife and Mom said...

Oh Happy Birthday MIMI! What a fun celebration! And I love Jenna's sweet little dress! She is so cute .... and Ryan ... well he is beyond cute and I love his big mouthed grin in that photo! Sigh - time goes by too fast! What great pictures!

Hugs from MN!
Rebekah and her girls