Saturday, May 24, 2008


They are so sweet when they are sleeping aren't they?

Just had to share this cute picture I took today during her nap. She loves her "babies" and has to have at least one in bed with her when she sleeps.
I'll post more stuff later! We are going out to dinner with my parents tonight to celebrate my birthday (tomorrow).


Zhohn said...

Happy belated birthday!
This is such a cute picture of Jenna with her baby. Too sweet.

Hope you had a great birthday weekend!

Casey Jo said...

Oh Kelly,
I dont want to blow any surprises, but can I say Congratulations? Please let me know when you are ready to say something...I have thousands of questions.

melanie, aka Mo said...

Kellllllly, you are not trying to hide a little something now are you? Just went to Casey Jo's site, and "that is all I have to say bout that!" I LOVE Jenna's little haircut. If Ellie doesn't have extremely curly hair, which is my gut feeling, then I want to cut hers to a bob. It is so cute on little girls, and they can wear their little, (no make that gigantic), bows on the side! I am reading!! Melanie

Kim said...

where are some new pictures?? You said I was bad =)

Kim said...

ARE YOU ALIVE OUT THERE!?!?! Hope everything is ok in Fresno...haven't heard from you in awhile =)