Saturday, December 31, 2011

San Diego Vacation

A few days after Christmas we decided to head south for the winter and enjoy some time in San Diego with our friends Joaquin and AnnMarie and their kids Amani, Sophia, Layla and Lalo.  Jim and Joaquin went to Berkeley together and they wanted to go to the bowl game (Football) together down in San Diego. The kids and moms had a FABULOUS time soaking in the sun and playing on the beach.  I didn't get a lot of pictures other than these.  I promise we did other things but this is most definitely where the kids enjoyed themselves the most.

Have you EVER seen a PALER little boy??

Seriously...this kid is pasty white....

Jenna and Layla.  They are 1 month apart in age.

Ryan and Lalo.  These two are also 1 month apart in age.  Joaquin and AnnMarie like to copy us.  ;)

Playin in the mud.

Not my favorite picture of me...but figured I would throw it in anyways...

We also got a chance to see Jim's friend Gio and his little girl Gianna (GiGi).  What a cutie...look at those eyes!!

Jenna, Layla, Ryan and Gianna hanging out on our last day.  We were sad to leave...we all had such an awesome time!

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