Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ryan's Third Birthday Party!!

Ryan decided on a Firestation Party for his 3rd Birthday!  It was a BLAST!!

Cute cupcakes!

The Birthday Boy!

Some of our guests gathering in the fire station to hear instructions on what to do and where to go if the alarm sounds.

Sleeping quarters

We learned the difference between a fire truck (has a ladder) and a fire engine (no ladder)

The gear

Showing us what the gear looks like, and explaining that we shouldn't be afraid if someone dressed like this comes into our house during a fire

He was cracking up about something....

First one in the truck.....SO EXCITED!!







Paul and Julia

Our neighbor John

Time to try out the drivers seat!

Our neighbor Michael









Melissa holding Delaney

The birthday boy got another turn!!

Ryan and the firefighter.  He was in awe...

Checking out the truck

After the fire station, we headed across the street to Me-N-Eds for some pizza, cupcakes, ice cream and presents!!

I didn't get a picture of it (unfortunately) but the fire fighters stopped by the pizza place during Ryan's party.  The flashed their lights and flicked their siren a few times in the parking lot and then the captain came in to give Ryan this bike helmet.  HE WAS THRILLED!

He got new light up sketchers!

He was absolutely adorable when opening his gifts.  He kept saying "Is this for ME??"

Madison and Jenna thought it was funny to keep wrapping and re-wrapping cups from the restaurant.  Ryan was a good sport about it....but Mommy asked them to stop.

Cool new Lightning McQueen chair he got from Ashton and Bella.

Happy 3rd Birthday SWEET BOY!  We love you!!

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