Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ryan's Preschool Christmas Party

Ryan's Christmas Party was held at School the other day.  Since it was on a Friday, and he doesn't typically go to School on Fridays, he and I swung by so he wouldn't miss the festivities.

Before the party, I got to see what they do at his school on a typical day.  Here he is during "carpet time" where they talk about the day of the week, month and the temperature...etc. with Miss Cherome.

Time to eat!

L-R:  Ethan, >>, Ryan and Lilly

L-R:  Adam, Bella, Emily & Ashton

Back to the carpet for GIFTS!!

The "Don't Spill the Beans" game we bought was a big hit with Ashton!

Ryan couldn't have received a better gift.  This kid LOVES cars and trucks!

Lots of fun!  Merry Christmas!

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