Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Family Reunion!

My mom and a handful of her cousins decided to arrange a family reunion for my grandmother's side of the family. We hadn't seen most of these people in probably over 15 years (at least). We met at a park in Modesto (which was kind of midway for everyone) and had fun catching up with extended family, playing on the playground, driving the golf cart that Poppy rented, and mostly just hanging out with cousins.

Ryan enjoying a brownie on the golf cart....

Peek-a-boo Maddie!

Madison, Jenna and a "new" cousin....

Mackenzie on the golf cart

Third? cousin Jacob and his dog relaxing in the shade. His mom is my mom's cousin Heidi. His grandpa and Mimi (my grandma) are brother and sister.

Scott and Mackenzie

Mimi with her two living brothers

Ryan's FAVORITE snack....black OLIVES!

Madison playing on the playground

Maddie and Jenna swinging...

I can do it myself!

(pay no attention to the couple in the background. They weren't with us.)

Ok...maybe it WOULD be more fun if I catch a ride with Daddy....

Mackenzie preferred the slide...


Family group shots....

Our part of the family.

L-R: Me, Jim, Ryan, Uncle Jim, Ted, Kristin, Boppa, Jenna, Matt, Mimi, Madison, Poppy, Kye Kye, Kim, Scott and Mackenzie

The WHOLE group!

Any guesses WHO likes to be the center of attention among the cousins? Seriously Kye Kye...get down! What kind of example are you setting for your grandchildren anyway?

Fun times!!! Hope we can do it again in a few years!

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