Saturday, October 23, 2010

Elaine and Ty got MARRIED!!!

Jim's sister Elaine got married last weekend and we all went to Sacramento for the festivities!! Here are some pictures of the rehearsal dinner held at the Embassy Suites on the Riverwalk.

The beautiful Embassy Suites lobby. This is our home away from home when we go to Sacramento. I've stayed here for lots of conferences...etc. Very nice and you can't beat the free breakfast!!

The happy couple getting the evening underway! Giving some last minute directions and just sharing their excitement with us for the upcoming fun and festivities!

Jim and Elaines Aunt Jane is a judge and she officiated the ceremony. Here they are doing some practice runs at the rehearsal dinner.

Ring Bearer Ryan says..."This is gonna be a snap people!"

Now gimme some candy! ;)

Cute cousins (to be) Marisa, Elizabeth and Ana (Ty's youngest daughter)

Cousin India and her fiance Damon...

Uncle Al and Aunt Blanca

Aunt Jane and Uncle Art

Brother-in-Law's to be Ty and Jim acting silly

yeah....really silly normal one

giving the bride a lift!

Ana (Ty's youngest), Marisa, Elizabeth, Gabby (Ty's oldest), Jenna and Mateo (Elaine's Godson)

Jenna and Mateo
Bride and Mother-of-the-Bride

not the best picture of me but I needed to throw one in for good measure!

Maid of Honor Carrie was such a sweetheart and Jenna just adored her all weekend!

my husband the princess...

Someone has a drinking problem....

I have no words.....let's hope this isn't a problem when he runs for President...

Jenna helping Carrie with her dress.

Jim's dad and half sister Jennifer....

Ty and his mom!

Jim gave an odd early wedding gift the bride and groom....a dinner bell...

then he and the kids found other uses for it....

Jenna and Marisa (with Mateo looking on)

Ryan took a liking to Mateo's baseball gear....

Jim explaining how the bat works to Ryan...

like I said...he really liked that bat and ball!

Mateo and Ryan with Auntie Elaine and Marissa (Mateo's Mommy) who was also one of the bridesmaids....

Elaine with Mateo (her Godson) and Ryan

Congratulations Elaine and Ty!

I plan to dedicate a whole separate post to the wedding day itself!!

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