Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Elaine and Ty's Big Day!!!

Elaine and Ty got married on October 16th in a BEAUTIFUL ceremony in Sacramento! Jenna was the flower girl and Ryan was the Ring Bearer and they had so much fun. Elaine was a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Bride and everything was perfect!

Here are just a sample of the MANY pictures I took that day. It's a sample...but it's a LARGE sample!

The girls all got their hair done starting fairly early in the morning....

Someone REALLY enjoyed all the pampering and attention....

Gabby (daughter of the groom) and Elizabeth in their rollers...

The bride and her good friend Carrie doing some primping....

Look who else was hanging around...

Not the best picture of me....but just wanted to prove I WAS there too!

Ryan hitching a ride on cousin India's shoulders....

Gabby, Elizabeth and Jenna....being silly in the hallway...

....well HELLO there Mr. Ryan!

Marisa wasn't feeling too hot at first.....

But she perked up and got in the spirit of things quickly!

Elizabeth's hair...all done!

Jenna and Gabby...looking cute!

Ana (Ty's youngest daughter) getting her do done!

India being helpful (as usual)....taking Gabby's rollers out..


Too much hairspray there Gabby?

The wedding took place at the Historic (and GORGEOUS) Grand Island Mansion

The place was huge with enough rooms for the whole family to stay on site with room to spare! It was incredible!

Ana, Marisa, Gabby and Jenna....all dolled up and looking gorgeous!

Elizabeth too!!
Poppy feeding Jenna some french fries (mommy wouldn't let her touch them - afraid of the grease getting on the dress!!)

We thought she looked like a little bird "peeping" for her food!!

Ty's mom and Elaine (and Jim's) Dad chatting before the ceremony
Jim giving Ryan a pep talk about his Ring Bearer responsibilities...

So handsome!!

Grandpa Jim gave him a quarter...he was THRILLED!!

Ryan and Daddy chatting with the guests...

My mom and dad
Ryan getting some pre-wedding love from his cousins...

Ryan and Poppy...

The flower girl was READY!

...and VERY excited!
Cousins Elizabeth, Jenna and Marisa

The guests arriving...

More's Uncle Scott, Aunt Kimmie, Madison and Mackenzie!!

Someone was VERY excited to have her cousin Madison there! comes the groom and his mom!

Jim walking the Mother of the Bride down the aisle!

The Ring Bearer and his cousins. HE DID AWESOME!!!

The Flower Girl and her cousins. She did SUCH a great job! All smiles...threw the was perfect!

The ceremony. Aunt Jane was very special and emotional.

Madison and Kim
My brother Scott and Kim

My family!
Madison, Jenna and Gabby!

Silly girls!

After dinner...there was DANCING!

and we found out that this kid has MOVES!!

it was hilarious!

This one is my favorite!

Blanca, Elizabeth and Al cuttin a rug!

The father of the bride dancing with his two daughters

the beautiful bride with two of her biggest fans!

Uncle Art and Julie

Ty and sweet!

Cutting the cake (it was BEAUTIFUL!)

Elaine's friend and bridesmaid's daughter sang a beautiful song.
Marisa caught the bouquet!!

Father-Daughter Dance (sorry...kinda dark)

So much love....such a beautiful couple!

the party carried on into the pool room where the men enjoyed some games...

and others just relaxed....

...and enjoyed an AWESOME candy bar!!

we had a hard time keeping this kid out of all the yumminess!!

we found out he is especially fond of red licorice!!

he was getting sleepy...but not too sleepy for more licorice!

meanwhile...the dancing continued WELL into the night...

India teaching the girls to ROCK ON!

Nana Mary and a very tired little ring bearer...

who eventually PASSED OUT!

and his goofy daddy decided to ....well.....

then...the late night party portion of the evening a private den room on the estate....

we hung out and ate pizza and drank in our PJ' was so much fun!

....well...MOST OF US hung out....but one guy passed out in bed...

and at some point during the night...he fell OUT of bed, hit the nightstand...and woke up with an unforgettable reminder of the fun he had the night before...

All joking (and black eyes) aside it was a BEAUTIFUL wedding and I know that Ty and Elaine will be happy together for MANY MANY MANY years to come!

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