Thursday, March 25, 2010

Funny Kid

Conversation between Jenna and her Auntie Elaine the other day. Elaine had picked her up from preschool and they were running errands, which included a trip to the ATM so that Elaine could deposit a check in her account....

Jenna: "What are you doing?"

Auntie Elaine: "I'm depositing a check in my account."

Jenna: "Can you get some money out too?"

Auntie Elaine: "Why, did you want to go do something?"

Jenna: "I don't know...."

Auntie Elaine: "Well then, why do I need to get money?"

Jenna: "In case I want to do something later....I just don't want you to say you don't have any money."

Seriously? She's FOUR??

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