Monday, August 17, 2009

Jenna's First Day of Preschool!!

She did it! Jenna had an AWESOME first day of Preschool. Mommy, Daddy and Ryan (who was sleeping) all dropped her off together. We walked her in, met one of her teachers (Miss Tiffany), signed her in, took pictures, kissed her goodbye and left! She had a smile on her face and was already making some new friends.
She started the morning a little slow. Not really wanting to wake up (as usual) but putting Ryan in bed with her helped and she was soon smiling and talking and laughing. Once she realized what today was...she was up and ready to go. She wanted to hurry and eat breakfast, go potty, brush her teeth, do her hair, paint her nails (that was mommy's idea when I saw what a mess they were...can't have THAT on her first day!!), get dressed, get her lunch, get her backpack, and GET GOING!!

We are SO excited for her and know she is going to really blossom during this year of Preschool!

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Michelle said...

how fun!!! i loooove her dress!