Sunday, May 17, 2009

God Bless Ryan

Ryan was baptized today. He cried through the entire ceremony. I couldn't believe it! This is the worlds happiest baby and yet he cried through the whole thing!

He looked absolutely adorable in his little outfit though.

Here's a shot of father Eric Swearingin (the priest who married Jim and I and also baptized Jenna)

Here's Ryan during the Baptism. Notice the watchful eyes of Jenna, Marisa and Elizabeth looking on.

and there's Madison peeking from behind....

All done (for the most part)....Ryan wasn't too sure about the whole process...he was keeping an eye on Father Eric...

Not the best family picture but it was the best we could get. One was crying and one was squirming and trying to deal with not being the center of attention (no...not Jim)....

After the "Official Pictures" were pretty much done I took him into the bathroom to change into a more comfortable outfit (and a new diaper since he decided to fill the one he was wearing DURING his baptism). At that point he became a MUCH happier camper.

Here he is napping with Mimi and Boppa

Two cute girls....

A big thank you to Uncle Scott and Auntie Kim for being his Godparents. We are honored to have them as both his Aunt and Uncle and now his Godparents. What a special bond they will always share!

We had a party afterwards at Bobby Salazar's. Of course this weekend had to = RECORD BREAKING HEAT! The average heat during this time of year in this part of California is around 85 - 88 degrees. SHOULD have been very pleasant...but such luck. Try 104! YUCK is all I can say. But we all managed to sweat it out and have an enjoyable afternoon!

God Bless Ryan!

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Kim said...

very cute...I am glad I got the 12 month size looks like little "pork-chop" will out grow that in no time! We are thrilled to be his Godparents!