Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Miss Smarty-No-Pants" and her goofy father

Just had to brag a bit....I think she's ready for school....

I took this video as she was getting into bed tonight. She likes to sleep "in the buff" with just panties on. Depending on how cool it is in the house....I typically put a t-shirt or something on her before I go to bed so she doesn't freeze!!

On another note....I want to say HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to the wonderful men in my life. I grew up with the best Dad in the world. All of my friends wanted to be adopted into my family and I always knew I was a lucky kid...and now a lucky adult.

Now I'm married to the OTHER best Dad in the world. Jenna is one lucky little girl and I'm very lucky to have such a fantastic partner when it comes to raising our children. He's the greatest.

We got him a chainsaw for Father's Day. I think it's safe to say he liked it.....

Hey...I said he was great....but I never said he was normal.

Have a great week!!


Zhohn said...

Oh the video is too cute! I like how she says some parts really fast. Yes, I do believe Jenna is ready for school!
Seems like the chainsaw was a great gift. :)

Casey Jo said...

Yes I am indeed feeling "Pregnant" The last two days i couldnt even make it off of the so fa. but today is better.