Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Jenna Kate!

I cannot believe she is THREE YEARS OLD today! Time sure has flown by and she has gone from this tiny little baby to this adorable little lady who I am so proud to call my daughter. She is a smart, caring, charming, funny, witty, spunky, stylish, sweet, loud (at times), precocious, wild, daring, outgoing and silly little girl who brings so much joy, wonder and love to my life. It's amazing to think that just a few years ago we had no idea what it would really be like to have this little person in our lives....and now we can't imagine our lives without her.

*In the picture above she is about 3 months old. I will add some newborn pictures later tonight. I'll also add a post about her wonderful birthday party which took place over the weekend. We all had a fabulous time (despite the record breaking heat).


Casey Jo said...

awww 3 years old!!! I hear time flies really quickly. Happy Birthday Jenna!

I posted my Ultrasound pic!

Faithful Froggers said...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Jenna!
What a fun party - looks like everyone had a great time - especially Jenna! :)