Wednesday, April 30, 2008

7 Things

So I got tagged by my "Blogging Friend" Jenny and I'm supposed to share 7 random things about myself. I can't promise this is going to be ultra exciting goes...

1) I'm domestically challenged. I just don't have time! I don't know how the other moms do it out there. I work 7 am - 5:30 pm. I don't get home until 6 pm at the earliest. WHO has time to cook and clean? We have a housekeeper to take care of (most of) the cleaning.... and most nights Jenna is lucky if I throw something together or make pasta or something. It's just not happening! Most nights we all end up doing our own thing food wise. We usually sit down we are making progress...but Jenna's usually the only one eating a well balanced meal with veggies and fruit and milk included. Jim and I usually end up noshing on whatever is available and we are both bad about getting enough veggies. We keep telling ourselves we really need to make more of an effort.

2) I am a "counter". It's my little obsessive compulsive trait. I do it when I am straightening up the house usually. I'll say to myself, I need to put 50 things away and then I'm going to bed. I think it subconsiously gets me to do things faster because it's like I'm racing for the finish line. Gives me a quick sense of accomplishment. I know...kinda sad right?

3) I'm a super picky eater. Jim makes fun of me constantly and has this list he started when we were dating of all the things I won't eat. I'm bad about eating my veggies and I really only like raw carrots, corn and salads. I won't eat fish (except for some fried shellfish). I can't even stand the smell of fish. Makes me gag. EW EW EW. I won't eat mushrooms ('s fungus!!)...I don't like cream cheese, cheesecake, or beans of any kind. I'm super picky about chicken. I don't like large pieces of meat. I don't like lettuce in my sandwiches or on my burger. You get the idea.

4) I love my lists. I make lists for everything. At the car. If it needs to get done or be needs to be on a list. The best part about a list is crossing things off as you complete them. Sometimes I even put things on my list that I've already completed....just so I can cross them off. Gives me a sense of accomplishment and a rush to keep getting stuff crossed off. Hmmm....anyone else sensing another OCD trait here??

5) I had major surgery when I was 13 years old. I had scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and it was so severe that I had to have two 14-inch metal rods inserted into my back and wires hooked into my spinal cord to straighten things out. Then they fused my spine at the top and bottom to hold it all in place. It was 7 hours of major surgery and they even had to wake me in the middle of it to make sure I could wiggle my fingers and toes (they were worried about paralyzing me).
Afterwards I had to learn how to walk again since my whole center of balance was thrown off. Now I tell people I have a back of steel...and I NEVER slouch. I can't!

6) I love photography. I have for a long time. I dated a guy in college who was a photographer and I think the passion just kind of stuck with me. He took boring pictures of events like rock concerts and still photography like bridges and flowers. Ick. I love pictures of PEOPLE. I like to capture a moment in time and give a glimpse into a persons life and personality at that moment. I especially like taking pictures of kids and my daughter is my absolute favorite subject.

7) People in my family stay married for life. There has only been one divorce in my immediate family (my uncle) and that happened after about 15 years of marriage. He is now remarried and he and his wife have been married for around 7 years now and they'll probably be together forever. My grandparents have/had all been married for more than 60 years. My parents have been married for almost 40 years. Aunts, uncles, cousins...everyone....ALL married. This also includes 99.9% of my distant 2nd cousins and cousins-in-laws half get the idea. All still married. I think it's something to be very proud of and I'll take it as a good sign for the future of my marriage! We are coming up on 5 years ourselves!! now I'm supposed to tag some that they can share 7 random things about themselves!!

I'll tag:

1) Kim - my sister in law, good friend and mother to my ADORABLE niece Madison!
2) My husband - since he thinks he's all cool now with his blog that he's only written in ONE TIME!! Yes...I am calling you out Jim!
3) Zhohn - a fellow blogging buddy who is a whiz with photo editing (see blog below)
4) Mo - another blogging buddy. She's got a hilarious personality and the cutest little baby Ellie!!
5) Casey - yet another blogging buddy. Anyone noticing a trend here? I'm meeting some fun and interesting people with this hobby!!

I assure you all I do have real life in person friends too but none of them have caught on to this blogging thing yet!!

Have fun guys!!

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Jenny said...

Reading this lets me know that we would definitely get along IRL!! We have quite a bit in common, Kelly! Great job with the tag.