Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blog Slacker

I admit it...I've been a big-time "blog slacker" lately. Things are busy busy at work and busy busy at home too. Funny how things just never seem to slow down. NEVER a dull moment! I guess I really wouldn't know what to do with myself if it did!

Jenna took her first ballet class last week and L-O-V-E-D it!! She looked so cute in her little outfit. She's the only one in pink (we hadn't had a chance to buy the required blue leotard uniform yet so she was the only one in pink with a little tutu!) Makes it easier to pick her out in the pictures at least.

The video's a little strange. We have to stand outside the room and watch through the window so you can't really hear the music. You get the idea though. Jenna was very fond of looking at herself in the mirror and smiling and waving at us. She did pay attention for most of the class though. I was quite the proud mom!

Her next class is this Friday and, thankfully, I got on the ball and got her the blue uniform (B-O-R-I-N-G!!) so she'll be "one of the group" for her next class. Since when do I want her to just fit in and go with the flow anyway?? That's just not her style!! hee hee!!

Last weekend was also her first KARATE class!! She and her friend Emma signed up and they looked so cute out there in their little t-shirts, diligently paying attention to everything that their Sensei James said to them. HA HA....yeah, right!! Have to keep reminding myself that SHE IS T-W-O!! She spent 5% of her time listening to the instructor, "Sensei James", and the other 95% of her time goofing off, running around, coming over to give us kisses and hugs, and whining. At least she wasn't the only one!

She's the one in the pink pants with the big white bow in her hair! Hey the girls gotta be stylish and girly!! She would have worn a dress if we had let her! Her friend Emma is in the brown pants. All of the shirts say "Itty" on the back. They were the "Itty's" (the littlest ones) and in a few years they can be "Bitty's" (if we make it that far). It was just SO CUTE!

All I know is that, between Ballet on Fridays and Karate on Saturdays....this is one WELL ROUNDED toddler!!

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Zhohn said...

How precious! I love it when toddlers dance. Gotta love the big bow and pink pants for Karate. She's girl all the way! How cute that they are "Itty's", then they become "Bitty's".
Sounds like Jenna is becoming quite the social butterfly :)
Have a great week.