Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Jim's family and mine this year. It was great seeing so many family! We had a blast and we. are. stuffed!!!

Jim's cousins Julie and Marisa (they are sisters)

Nana Mara, Marisa, Julie and Elaine

Elizabeth, Jenna and Ryan playing with Marisa's IPad

Ryan getting a look at all the yummy food. Why did I not even notice...until looking at these pictures...that my husband wore a Mickey Mouse T-shirt????

Ty making mashed potatoes

Jim (in the Mickey shirt) and I
Family chit chat and eating...

Jenna now wants an IPad of course

Newlyweds Elaine and Ty

Love it when these two play so nicely together. She's really pulling for that Ipad!

Jenna and Ryan with Auntie Elaine

Cousin David and Ryan

Jim (in the Mickey shirt), Uncle Al, Ryan and David. Seriously....EVERYONE else was dressed so nice... Poppy and Kye Kye's house....

Cousin Alivia in the kitchen

Alivia and her mom Aunt Kathy

Alivia and me

Ryan enjoying his olives

Kristin (Matt's wife) and Alivia

LOVE these two together. Oh look....Jim's still got the Mickey shirt on! Yay.

My mom and I

Cousin Matt with his new dog, "MJ". This picture is hilarious to me cause this guy is a true blood Cowboy. He has big dogs, horses and cattle. He is NOT a little dog kinda guy....

...especially little dogs who wear rhinestone collars...

and saddles....

My mom, Alivia, Kristin, me and Kathy

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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