Friday, December 10, 2010

Professional Photo Shoot

We had a FABULOUS professional photo shoot done a few weeks ago and the pictures came out FANTASTIC! I was more than a bit surprised. Jenna had been up all night with a horrible ear infection that landed us in the walk-in clinic at 7 am that morning. She and I were both sleep deprived. And Ryan had the snottiest nose in the history of snotty noses. It was runny and red and crusty and I just didn't see how, between my baggy eyes and Ryan's nasty nose, we would have even one shot turn out....let alone all of these beauties......

My hats off to our photographer, Mark Janzen. He's Amazing. Dude's got some vicious Photoshopping skills too. I see now why he makes the big bucks! I have SOOO much to learn.

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