Monday, July 19, 2010

John Got Married!!??

I can hardly believe that my cousin John is now a married man. He and his new wife Stephanie had a beautiful ceremony and reception in gorgeous Santa Barbara and the Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel. It was flawless.

The ceremony site (John built the canopy out of bamboo)

The happy couple

My parents...

Kim and me at the cocktail hour

The cousins with the newlyweds

Some of our "significant others"

Cousins (L-R): Scott (my brother), Janelle, Laura (front/center), John (groom), me and Krysti

My brother and me

My brother making out husband?? FUNNY guys!...

Scott and I again.

Scott and Darrin (my cousin Laura's fiance)

My Aunt Jo-el trying to take a nice picture with my crazy husband...

Siblings (L-R): My Uncle Bob, Aunt Kathy and my dad Rick

My mom...after A glass of wine... (just one)

...and then she and my aunt Jo-el started in with the making out. WHAT is WITH my family?

Siblings and their spouses (L-R): Uncle Bob, Aunt Jo-el, Uncle Ron, Aunt Kathy, Mom and Dad...
While the adults partied...the little ones were up in Kye Kye and Poppy's room (my parents) having a little party of their own. The adults took shifts and spent time juggling parenting duties while the other adults got to party at the reception.

Maddie and me getting cheesy..

Maddie and Jenna....having so much fun together!

Mackenzie and me

Living in up at the Biltmore!

I'd say SOMEONE partied a little TOO hard!

Even Silly Baby (aka "Sarah Palin") was pooped!

We had a great time! Congrats to John and Stephanie!

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