Monday, September 14, 2009

Bling Bling!!

Notice anything about this picture????

Anything at all??

Look closely.....
Yep.....Jenna got her ears pierced!!

On Saturday, we went to the mall to have pictures done of the FOUR cousins (Jenna, Madison, Ryan and Mackenzie). They turned out very cute! Afterwards we did a little shopping, had lunch and then took Miss Jenna to get her ears pierced! It was a bit of a surprise decision. Her cousin, Madison, got hers done a few months ago and Jenna has been asking to have hers done ever since. I thought Saturday was the perfect time since Madison could be there with her.

Jenna was extremely brave. She hopped right up into the chair and was all smiles from the beginning to the end. I couldn't believe it!

Here she is before.....she had just climbed into the chair...SO excited...

Getting her ear lobes cleaned....

The BIG moment...(thankfully they had two "piercers" on hand that day)

and camera battery died. :( However... my mom and sister-in-law got a few shots with their camera phones and as soon as we figure out how to email them....I'll post those here too.

She LOVES her new earrings. She keeps looking at them in the mirror...touching them....talking about them...etc. It's so cute. They look great too!

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