Thursday, September 17, 2009


Funny story....

So we are driving in the car last night.....on our way to the store. Everyone is chatting (Jenna) and babbling (Ryan) along and all of a sudden I hear the sound that EVERY mom knows. You know that silent gurgle/burp sound? I spin around in my seat (Jim was driving) and see Jenna sitting there, with a stunned look on her face, COVERED in slime. All of a sudden, the shock wears off and she's screaming and crying and saying something that no one can understand. I grab some napkins and start wiping her off and ask her if she threw up. She says "No, it was Ryan!" Yep, Ryan had projectile vomited all. over. her.

I look at him and he's just sitting there smiling, clean as a whistle. That was some good distance he got with that! But now I'm worried that he's sick. He had seemed fine at home before we left hadn't he? He had polished off a whole bottle (now emptied on his sister of course) with no problem. What was the deal?

So we go in the store. Jenna's still a little shook up and she and I go to the bathroom to wash her face. We do our shopping and head back out to the car and, as we are putting the kids in their seats...I say to Jim, "I just don't understand WHY Ryan threw up??!!" and that's when Jenna just happens to mention that she was sticking her fingers in his mouth when it "...just ....happened!"

Jim and I got a good laugh out of that one. We told her not to do that again (Although I think she learned her lesson the hard way on this one) and we headed home.

Poor kid! He's not even 9 months old yet and he's already bulemic!!


Tina said...

Ha! Cute story! The devil is in the details isn't it? I think she may have learned her lesson now! :)

Kim said...