Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

We spent this past weekend doing some "Christmasy" stuff. We went to see Santa, got our tree, drove around to look at lights, and put up lights and decorations in the yard (haven't done the house yet!).

Here's Jenna with Santa.

This was the first year that she was ready and willing to get in his lap, by herself, and tell him what she wanted for Christmas. She and I put together her list and she handed it to him so he could read it and then sat in his lap to take pictures. At one point I heard her whisper "I Love You Santa" to him. It was absolutely precious and we got some cute pictures!

On Saturday we went to Cobb's Grove to get our tree. We let Jenna pick whatever tree she wanted and she gravitated towards the little trees and ended up picking out this tiny 3 foot tree.

I tried to steer her towards something a little larger but she wanted one that was smaller than her. She is VERY proud of her tree and it's probably the perfect size for our living room which seems to be filling up with furniture now that we've had to move everything out of the office to make room for baby!

While at Cobb's Grove we rode a firetruck and enjoyed cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. Yummy! She also got to see Santa again!!

On Sunday night we decided to go for a drive to look at Christmas Lights. The plan was to hit Christmas Tree Lane "CTL" but by the time we got to the entrance (at 7:30 pm) the line to enter was about 2 miles long and we figured we'd be there until midnight! We headed to Huntington instead to look at those lights and, while they pale in comparison to CTL, Jenna was very impressed.

Jenna in her Christmas PJ's ready to see the lights!

Wednesday night we have a Christmas Party at our friends house (they live near CTL) and we will be walking the Lane to look at lights with some friends. Jenna can't wait!

More later!

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Kim said...

Sounds like fun! Madison is still not liking Santa all that much, but she did sit with him and Mrs. Claus at the Santa's Secret Adventure tour we did last weekend. She still wants her ears pierced, a stroller and a black baby. Which she told him without any hesitation. What is Jenna asking for this year?