Friday, October 31, 2008

First trip to the dentist and other stuff to remember....

Well, Jenna had her first visit with the dentist today and it went FANTASTICALLY. She even got to wear her halloween costume for the occasion and she looked like a perfect little princess sitting there in the big dentist chair, listening to the hygenist explain all the tools to her, listening to the dentist, showing off her teeth, getting a cleaning, getting a fluoride treatment...etc. She just did FANTASTICALLY. I was so proud. The dentist, Dr. Larson, said that her teeth looked great. Said we were doing a good job with brushing, she had great spacing with plenty of room for permanent teeth to start coming in later on and a great bite (he was suprised when I told him that both Jim and I had underbites as children). Jenna left the office with a perfect report card, 2 stickers, dental floss (although he said she doesn't really need it yet), and a pink princess toothbrush! The one thing she didn't leave with was any pictures because silly mommy forgot the camera AND her phone! I was so bummed! We'll have to take pictures at her second appointment. Maybe she'll have to wear her Cinderella princess dress again!! :)

She really is getting to be such a big girl and, despite the "terrible 3's" we've been experiencing lately, she's such a caring and loving kid. She LOVES her babies! Her favorite lately is one I bought her in New York a few years ago. She has wild hair and Jenna calls her "silly baby". She absolutely must sleep with her at night and take her everywhere she goes and is contantly talking to her, kissing her, doing her hair, feeding her...etc. She just loves this baby. She also has this habit currently of labeling EVERYTHING as a mommy, daddy or a baby. For instance, if she sees two trees, the bigger one is always the mommy tree and the smaller one is always the baby tree. The same goes for everything else, cars, houses, candies, shoes, etc....etc....etc... It's a very cute little phase and Jim and I get a good chuckle out of it.

I'll upload pictures soon of our trip last week to Long Beach and San Diego as well as pictures from trick-or-treating tonight!! She's super excited!!

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