Monday, September 12, 2011

Boppa's Birthday and Meeting Baby Wade!

We celebrated Boppa's 92nd Birthday Party (September 11th) at Poppy and Kye Kye's house. This was also the first time we got a chance to meet my cousin Matt's new baby, Wade William!

Mimi and Wade meet for the first time. Great-Grandma/Great-Grandson

I think she's in love!

He seems unimpressed. ;)

Mimi, Matt and Wade

Poppy meeting Wade

Silly Madison had a bug bite on her forehead!

Kim and Madison meet Wade

Kristen (Matt's wife), Mimi, Matt and Wade

Boppa, Uncle Jim and Poppy chatting

Boppa holding Wade for the first time

Poor Boppa had bumped his head a few days earlier and it wasn't pretty!

Four generations!

These two sure enjoyed holding Wade!

Happy Birthday to Boppa! He had mentioned that he wanted a real (professional) Birthday Cake so that's what he got! We aim to please!! Especially when it comes to Boppa!!

Making a wish!

My cousin Ted and his wife Tiffany

Ryan enjoying some cake!

Happy Birthday Boppa...and welcome to the family baby Wade!! We love you both!

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