Monday, August 16, 2010

Did someone say KINDERGARTEN???

Well, it was a stressful first day of school....not really what I had envisioned (complete with a slightly sick toddler)....but it was wonderful anyway and Jenna is so excited to be a Kindergartner!!

By the tree in our front yard....ready to go!

Just realized I took the same picture of her last year before she headed off to her first day of preschool...
MAN how time flies!

With her good friend (from preschool) Ashley. Unfortunately they aren't in the same class....but they will be going to Extended Day (daycare) together each day! Plus...there's always lunch and recess!

Putting her backpack and lunchbox away...

.....then Mrs. Boyle gave her speech......f0r about an hour or so....

but we made our own fun....(while listening of course)

After about an hour and a half....we all (kids and parents) headed into the cafeteria to listen to the Principal give other important school info....

After that, the parents were excused (so the kids could eat lunch) and all the moms and dads congregated in the outdoor patio area for "Tissues and Tea". It was mostly a lot of smiles and not many tissues were really needed....

The kids lining up outside the cafeteria (Jenna is in the pink stripes)

After school, Daddy, Ryan and I met Jenna and walked with her to her Extended Day program to see how it all worked....

Daddy and Jenna
Mommy and Jenna

Holding hands and walking with Ashley to Extended Day

Being silly with her friends Matt (Matty) and Ashley at Extended Day

Jenna and Ashley....having fun together

A little blurry...but too cute!

I just can't believe my little girl is now a Kindergartner! I'm so proud! I know she's going to love school!!

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Kim said...

great pictures, what a great day!! lol