Friday, January 22, 2010

Ryan's First Haircut

So I eluded to this a few posts back...but had to do a full post on it to give it justice.

Jim and I had been going back and forth for a few weeks about when to cut Ryan's hair. At first...Jim wanted to cut it all in BUZZ it completely. I was against it and felt like he'd look too grown up. Then I started wanting to have it trimmed...and Jim was having a tough time with the idea (the long haired- skater look was starting to actually grow on him!)....then, finally, the day after Christmas...we thought...LETS DO THIS...NOW!

We took him to Supercuts and told them we wanted it trimmed up. Basically..out of his eyes, off of his ears and neck. A "little boy cut" is what the hairstylist called it.

Here are some "before pictures" taken at Supercuts as we were getting ready....

some "during pictures"....

Ryan actually did pretty well. He sat in Daddy's lap and didn't fuss or cry at all...

and some "after pictures"

Turned out pretty cute...if I do say so myself!

Oh....and in case you are wondering about the ugly red mark on his face...he did that the night before (Christmas night) at my parents house. He was toddling along on the tile floor and missed a step (they have a sunken living room and library area). His cheek broke his fall. Poor baby!

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Kim said...

we love the new hair cut...but we would love him buzzed, bald or bouffant! :)