Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day at the park

Jenna, Ryan and Mommy had a fun day at the park on Friday...and then again on Saturday! Yep...two parks in two days!

Here are a few cute pictures from both Friday and Saturday:

Sadly...I have to go back to work this week (on Wednesday). I'm majorly bummed but happy that I still have my Friday's off!! I'm very lucky that I was able to enjoy a nice long maternity leave (over 3 months) with lots of time for me to bond with Ryan and spend more time with Jenna. I guess I can't complain too much!


Kim said...

have fun on your last day off!! Enjoy!

Rebekah - A Wife and Mom said...

Oh now that looks fun ... wish our Park Photos were as sunny ... it is dreary and nasty here ... TIRED of winter! Oh and I hope you have a wonderful last day with your Hunka Burnin Love and Jenna ... Ryan is just too cute Kelly! I love the cheeks! And thanks for the nice comment you left me the other day - that was a down in the dumps day ... some days like that are needed to put things in perspective!

Oh and stop by my site - I am giving you the Honest Scrap Award!

Hugs from MN!
Rebekah and the girls