Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Bath

Ryan's umbilical cord stump fell off completely yesterday ( that kinda grosses me out), and so he got his very first full bath last night. He wasn't thrilled at first....cried a little when we got him naked (he hates to be naked) and squawked a bit more when he first felt the water. However, once he realized how good the warm soapy water felt.....he seemed to really love it. So much so that he slept through most of the bath. It was pretty funny.

Enjoy the pictures and short video at the end!


Kim said...

very cute...he looks like he has grown since we last saw him!! Tell him we love him!

Carol S. said...

I found your blog! What fun to see the new baby. He's a cutie pie and soooo big.

I'll be anxious to see him in person!

Love, Carol

KatieFeldmom said...

That was so cute ... Ryan is such a cutie, sleeping through his bath!!! Looks like he felt he was resting in a hot tub!!!

The Clark Family of Four said...

OMG Kelly - he is s darn cute ... I love those cheeks and the video is too cute ... he looks like he is LOVING that bath ... I can't wait to give Charlotte one ... in the meantime I wish computers were smellavision - that way I could smell your clean new bundle ... thanks for sharing so many great pictures ... and also for stopping in to say hello to us ... Hugs from MN! Have a great week!


Casey Jo said...

Oh Kelly,
He is gorgeous! I am soooo Jealous! SOMEBODY GET THIS KID OUTTA ME BEFORE I EXPLODE!

Michelle said...

how sweet! from pictures he looks very much like your daughter!! :)`